John Pearson – The Man, The Legend

by: ClubAdmin


After veteran World Cup Star John Pearson, better known as JP, scored for the first time in decades against Wimborne Wayfarers a few weeks previous the Men’s 2nd team decided to they would immortalise this moment forever by purchasing celebratory t-shirts to mark the momentous occasion. The players then donned the t-shirts prior to their match against Petersfield 3’s and waited to see how long it took JP to notice!

Speaking afterwards, JP, who usually starts most sentences with “Well, did I tell you back when….”, said he found it very emotional and loves being part of the team. After composing himself pre match he went on to play a crucial part in the team’s 2-1 victory on the day, though he blotted it slightly with the Donkey of the Day award when he put in a tremendous effort to stop the ball going off the side line and then nudged it off the pitch anyway whilst preparing to pass. He did make up for it though by celebrating post match with a beer and smashing in a number of goals in table football. Well played JP!

John Pearson (center) flanked by teammates wearing celebratory t-shirts!