Women’s 3rd XI vs Fleet and Ewshot 4

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Women’s 3rd XI vs Fleet and Ewshot 4

by: ClubAdmin

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Women's Hampshire Division 7 February 8, 2020 - 12:30 pm


The Isle of Wight Ladies 3s travelled to second in the league Fleet and Ewshot Ladies 4s with only 9 players. As expected the pressure was on the Island’s Ladies from the start, several early saves from Tia Shutler and good defensive work by Cathy Somekh, Vicki Brodowska and Kaitlyn McFarlane to keep out several short corners, making Fleet and Ewshot work hard for their first goal. It inevitably came when they broke in numbers into the D and after several shots were saved by Tia Shutler there was nothing she could do to prevent the goal at the far corner. 1-0. Their second goal came shortly after in a similar way, obviously well practised at making the ball do the work, they out passed the Island’s defence in numbers, queueing up for shots one of which crept in. 2-0. Vicki Brodowska hitting out at 16yrds was on form again this week, linking up the defence and midfield of Amelia Parker and Georgie Mack on the left wing and Hannah Kerley on the right wing, with some great hits. Hannah Kerley getting in some fantastic runs down the right and cross the ball into the D several times, dispite being jostled off the ball continuously by her a posing number she stayed calm and determined. Carole McFarlane was unlucky not to score when she picked the ball up in the D and struck her shot just on outside of the post. Fleet and Ewshot piled on the pressure in return and were very physical in their hockey, testing the Island’s defence but still they kept out every short corner. Georgie Mack linked up with Vicki Brodowska down the left wing and in to Amber Wilmott in the center and back again but they just couldn’t find a way through to the goal. Fleet and Ewshot took advantage of the acres of space that was opening up each time the Island tried to push forward for a goal. They got their 3rd goal after several more saves from Tia Shutler, she could then do nothing about the last touch at the far post, 3-0 at half time.

Not phased by the score the Isle of Wight Ladies 3s did what they do best, they came out and played as a team. They played high up the pitch with Carole McFarlane and Amber Wilmott forcing several saves from the goal keeper but each time the ball broke Fleet and Ewshot had more numbers than the Island. Thanks to great perseverance from Kaitlyn McFarlane and Vicki Brodowska, backing up great saves and accurate kicking from Tia Shutler in goal, it was late into the second half before Fleet and Ewshot scored again, breaking from midfield and leaving Cathy Somekh and Kaitlyn McFarlane outnumbered 3 to 1, with Tia Shutler coming out to save, the player slipped the ball past her for their 4th goal. 4.0. Georgie Mack and Hannah Kerley somehow found the energy to keep running up and down the wings in spite of the string tackles that were coming in on her, one of which resulted in a yellow card for a Fleet and Ewshot player that had been warned about her body checks on Hannah Kerley. The Island made good use of the suspension and Carole McFarlane, Amber Wilmott and Amelia Parker were able to cause problems for Fleet and Ewshot but no goals. Final score 4-0 to Fleet and Ewshot. A very tough physical game but it was really good to hear positive feedback from the opposition. Wightlink Player of the match was Tia Shutler in goal, for the second week running, who once again kept the score down to a bare minimum and made Fleet and Ewshot work very hard for their victory.

Wightlink Player of the Match - Tia Shuttler


Date Time League Season
February 8, 2020 12:30 pm Women's Hampshire Division 7 2019/20


Women’s 3rd XI0
Fleet and Ewshot 44