Women’s 3rd XI vs Aldershot and Farnham 5

by: ClubAdmin


Women’s 3rd XI vs Aldershot and Farnham 5

by: ClubAdmin

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Women's Hampshire Division 7 November 23, 2019 - 2:30 pm


The Ladies 3s were away to Aldershot and Farnham today again with a delegated side of only 8 players. Determined to make the best of it the Island’s defence of Vicki Brodowska, Kaitlyn McFarlane and Cathy Somekh worked hard from the push back to protect Tia Shuttler in the goal, defending fiercely and frustrating the opposition multiple times. The Island were able to get the ball up the pitch with some brilliant free hits from Vicki Brodowska up to the two lone strikers Amelia Parker and Amber Wilmott but the lack of numbers meant they couldn’t find a way through. 3-0 at half time felt like a small victory considering the pressure the Island were absorbing.

They came out in the second half in the pouring rain and continued to disrupt and frustrate wave after wave of Aldershot and Farnham attacks. Vicki Brodowska’s hit were making their way to Georgie Mack and Hannah Kerley down the wings who made some great runs and had great skill but were outnumbered every time and had to run back to defend time after time. With 15 minutes to go the Island were already 7-0 down and they would have been forgiven for letting their heads drop, but they didn’t. Lead by their captain Cathy Somekh the Ladies 3s kept working hard right to the final whistle, communicating even more than before and working closely with each other, displaying some great team work and determination not to quit, which earned them the full respect of the opposition and the pride of knowing that they at least lost with dignity and as a team. Final score 7-0 to Aldershot and Farnham, Wightlink Player of the Match was Tia Shuttler in the Island goal who was brilliant.

Wightlink Player of the Match - Tia Shuttler


Date Time League Season
November 23, 2019 2:30 pm Women's Hampshire Division 7 2019/20


Women’s 3rd XI0
Aldershot and Farnham 57