Women’s 1st XI vs Fareham 2

by: ClubAdmin


Women’s 1st XI vs Fareham 2

by: ClubAdmin

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Women's Hampshire Division 1 November 16, 2019 - 3:00 pm


Saturday 16th November was the day that Island Ladies sought retribution against Fareham.

Knowing the game would be a fierce and close contest the Island were keen to build on the attacking play they had created against Aldershot. However Fareham had other ideas and their fluid passing game had the Island side run ragged for the first half. Mackenzie Wright played superbly in goal and alongside her stoic defence thwarted attack after attack and prevented Fareham from capitalising on their dominance of possession. Moving forward the Island found it hard to link their passes despite tireless running. The Island were able to earn short corners just before the break through Katy Ednay and Wightlink Player of the Match Harriet Mack but were unable to convert. Half time the game remained scoreless.

Second half the Island started strongly using the pace of Harriet Mack and Carolyn McClellan out wide, they began to find space behind the Fareham defence and create chances. The Island switched play through Kirsty Fraser and Saffron Hart with Gabrielle Morgan clearing up Fareham’s breaks. The Island’s hard work paid off when Harriet Mack made an electric run down the left and breached the Fareham D. Emily Lord launched herself onto Harriet’s cross tipping the ball up over the diving keeper who knocked the ball over her own line. 1-0 to the Island. The goal galvanised the Island attack who continued to find space and to ask questions of the Fareham defence with Katy Ednay nearly poaching off the keepers pads and Jaimie Payne’s shot going agonisingly wide. Fareham also raised the attack to find the equaliser but, despite the support of 20 umpires watching from the balcony, they were unable to convert several short corners. Final whistle 1-0 to the Island side!! Special mention to Emily Lord who managed to walk head first into the dug out to earn Donkey of the Day.

Thanks to Scott Bashford for giving up his afternoon and umpiring for us.

Wightlink Player of the Match - Harriet Mack


Date Time League Season
November 16, 2019 3:00 pm Women's Hampshire Division 1 2019/20


Women’s 1st XI1
Fareham 20

Women’s 1st XI

Emily Lord Attacker