Women’s 1st XI vs Fareham 2

by: ClubAdmin


Women’s 1st XI vs Fareham 2

by: ClubAdmin

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Women's Hampshire Division 1 March 8, 2020 - 1:30 pm


With a full squad, and the tropical island sunshine sticking it out, we were slightly excited and raring to go for our second game of the weekend, with Fareham the opponents.

With Fareham overthinking their push back and having to re-set, we regained possession quickly and started to have the upper hand. There was endless great plays across the back and middle with shots being fired into the D but unfortunately we couldn’t quite get on the end of them. Any counter attacks were picked off by the solid midfielders and defenders. We then had a great team play from the back through to Saffron Hart who fired one into the D which was slotted in through the keepers legs by Wightlink Player of the Match Carolyn McClellan for 1-0. After some chat back to the umpires from both teams (apparently), both teams were given a warning. The first half ended in countless short corners from both teams but no goals were scored. We defended these well with some encouraging words from coach Chris Stokes from the side line.

The second half started a little bit sluggish for the Island, which unfortunately led to a Fareham goal. 1-1. Shortly after, Kirsty Fraser slowly walked and fell backwards over one of their players, nowhere near the play, a different kind of tracking back but very funny for all. We then hit a hiccup when Saffron Hart questioned umpire Adam Payne who wasn’t taking it and got a green card after our previous warning to reduce the team to 10 for a few minutes. The whole team stepped up including a great ‘time-wasting’ whack from Jamie Payne into our half, miles away from play that somehow captain Katy Ednay got on the end of and nearly scored! Not long after, we saw another impressive team goal when, after a short scrap in the D, Harriet Mack made a perfect shot past the keeper which Katy Ednay got on the end of and ‘just made sure’! 2-1 to the Island. A lovely bit of time wasting from their umpire ran out the clock for the well deserved island win! At some point Katy Ednay also got a green card although we were too quite unsure as to why and when.


Date Time League Season
March 8, 2020 1:30 pm Women's Hampshire Division 1 2019/20


Women’s 1st XI2
Fareham 21

Women’s 1st XI

Katy Ednay Attacker
Carolyn McClellan Attacker