Women’s 1st XI vs Basingstoke 3

by: ClubAdmin


Women’s 1st XI vs Basingstoke 3

by: ClubAdmin

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Women's Hampshire Division 1 December 7, 2019 - 1:30 pm


The Ladies 1s travelled to Basingstoke, not before abducting some 2nd and 3rd team players from Temeraire to bring us up to a team of 13.

The Island started the game off indifferently with neither team switched on from start, however, Emily Lord took this to another level by forgetting what hockey is, how a bully works and watching a pass aimed straight for her safely off the pitch. After that, the game was in full swing, end to end play and solid efforts from both sides. Mackenzie Wright stopped all opportunities for the opposition, with the help of the solid backline of Kirsty Fraser, Claire Caddick and Emily Lord, though the position of left-back was switched up between our saviours for the day, Wightlink Player of the Match Megan Turner and Jett. The Island were unlucky to make use of the beautiful passes coming through up from the back as, despite successful build up from Gabrielle Morgan, Jaimie Payne, Saffron Phoenix Hart and Harriet Mack, our forwards could not find the back of the net. This was not helped by wafty-one arm Carolyn McClellan, although it made for an entertaining day. A nail biting moment came for the Island when a beautiful reverse cross by Jaimie Payne found Katy Ednay, who niftly slotted the ball through the keepers legs, but aimed the wrong side of the post. A big shout out also to Georgie Mack, who was the first volunteer to help us with our depleted numbers this morning. Not the result we wanted but we’ll take a 0-0 draw over a loss anyday.

Wightlink Player of the Match - Megan Turner


Date Time League Season
December 7, 2019 1:30 pm Women's Hampshire Division 1 2019/20


Women’s 1st XI0
Basingstoke 30