Men’s 1st XI vs Bournemouth 3

by: ClubAdmin


Men’s 1st XI vs Bournemouth 3

by: ClubAdmin

Men's Hampshire Division 2 November 16, 2019 - 12:00 pm


Another tough outing for the Isle of Wight men’s 1st XI. The Island held their own in the first half, battling an experienced Bournemouth outfit and a very low sun making visibility tricky. Both sides came close to scoring with Alex Breach just missing the near post on several occasions and Scott Bashford held firm in front of goal frustrating the opposition.

After the stalemate of the first half the dynamic on the pitch changed when the Island picked up a couple of injuries and Alex Breach was sent off for breaking down play, being unable to turn off the afterburners, and this was enough to give Bournemouth more time on the ball and they took advantage scoring two goals halfway through the half. Peter Moore scored on his debut with cat like reactions, and the Island looked to take back control of the game, especially when Wightlink Man of the Match Lewis Heaven-Gandy was defending brilliantly. Unfortunately the Island could not capitalise when Bournemouth were reduced to 9 men and after regaining their strength they started to link their passes together and were rewarded with goal number 3. The Island held their heads high throughout the match and continue to build for future fixtures.


Date Time League Season
November 16, 2019 12:00 pm Men's Hampshire Division 2 2019/20


Men’s 1st XI1
Bournemouth 33

Men’s 1st XI

Peter Moore Midfielder